The EU has international weight because of its history and economic influence. We are therefore responsible for taking a clear position and using this authority in global crises.
By travelling to many of the crises regions, I try to understand what the EU can do in a given situation and how it can best use its tools to strengthen human rights and foster peace. To me, it is vital that we in Parliament listen to the many voices from the regions affected - those of activists, of people in refugee camps, of religious groups, of local and national politicians - and take account of what they have to say in our decisions.

“Every international conflict in Europe.”

Here you will find travel reports, analyses and press articles concerning my work in and about the world’s crisis regions.


My visit to Iraq and Northeast Syria

In October and November, for about two weeks, I visited Baghdad, Erbil and Mosul in Iraq as well as Qamishli and Hassakeh in Northeast Syria. I met with activists, parliamentarians, ministers, military leaders and diplomats. Read more about my trip
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The al-Hol camp in Syria - a ticking time bomb

The Al-Hol refugee camp in northern Syria is a ticking time bomb. I had to find this out during my visit in November. Several European newspapers reported on my impressions, read more here
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G20 in Saudi Arabia - My interview on Saudi human rights defenders for the heute-journal

Wer am G20 Gipfel in Saudi Arabien teilnimmt, muss diese Plattform nutzen und Menschenrechtsverteidiger*innen und die Reformkräfte im Land stärken. Im ZDF heute journal habe ich darüber gesprochen.
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Planned container terminal in Świnoujście: a disaster for nature and tourism

In September, I was on tour in my constituency in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. During my visit to the north-east, I also went to Świnoujście in Poland. The government has plans for building a container terminal on the Baltic coast, in the European nature reserve Natura-2000.
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Titelbild IP Neu

For a feminist foreign policy of the EU - My comment in the IP

Women are still in short supply in foreign and security policy, especially in management positions. In a commentary for the magazine "Internationale Politik" I wrote about the urgency of a feminist EU foreign policy.
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Instalive Nuncan_16;9

„Beim Schreiben umgehe ich verbotene Wörter“ – Mein InstaLive mit Nurcan Baysal

Die kurdische Journalistin Nurcan Baysal wurde für ihre Berichte über Menschenrechtsverletzungen verhaftet. In meinem InstaLive habe ich mit ihr über die Pressefreiheit und Corona-Maßnahmen in der Türkei gesprochen.
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The EU must speak with one voice in the Middle East - Interview with the Böll Foundation

Together with Lina Khatib, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme of London's "Chatham House" and Bente Scheller, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Department of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin, I discussed the role of the EU in the Middle East.
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Opinion piece von Hannah Neumann im euobserver

War in Syria: Humanitarian aid alone is not enough - My OpEd on euobserver

Today the fourth Syria donor conference is taking place. So far the EU has been on the sidelines in the Syrian war. For the euobserver I have written down why and how it has to change its approach.
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Welt OpEd

Because Europe is fighting, violence continues to reign in Libya - My guest article in the WELT

Libya is demoralised - and the EU is just watching. The refugee crisis continues and the Corona pandemic is exacerbating the dramatic situation. The German government had tried to fill the gaps. And is now facing the shattered remains of its initiative.
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Bild mit zwei Frauen und einer Sprechblase mit Journalism under pressure in the Philippines

"Death of democracy by a thousand cuts" - My InstaLive with Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa, the editor-in-chief of the online portal "Rappler", is to spend 6 months behind bars for "defamation on the net". I spoke to her on Instagram about press freedom and the state of the demorcracy in the Philippines.
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Kashoggi Frankfurter Rundschau_OpEd

Why the EU needs a human rights sanctions mechanism - My guest article in the Frankfurter Rundschau

Two years after the murder of the columnist of the "Washington Post", Jamal Khashoggi, a sanction mechanism for human rights violators* is under discussion in the EU. This mechanism must be a top priority for the German Federal Government, which takes over the EU Council Presidency on 1 July.
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Der blinde Fleck der EU-Visapolitik

Weltweit setzen sich mutige Menschen für Menschenrechte ein und riskieren dabei oftmals ihre Freiheit, sogar ihr Leben. Menschenrechtsverteidiger*innen sollten deshalb geschützt werden und einfacher in der EU Zuflucht finden können.
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