The EU has international weight because of its history and economic influence. We are therefore responsible for taking a clear position and using this authority in global crises.
By travelling to many of the crises regions, I try to understand what the EU can do in a given situation and how it can best use its tools to strengthen human rights and foster peace. To me, it is vital that we in Parliament listen to the many voices from the regions affected - those of activists, of people in refugee camps, of religious groups, of local and national politicians - and take account of what they have to say in our decisions.

“Every international conflict affects us in Europe.”

Here you will find travel reports, analyses and press articles concerning my work in and about the world’s crisis regions.


Update – EU takes first steps towards joint procurement of military equipment

Until now, military procurement in the EU has been a strictly national affair. But things are slowly changing, also against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine. An overview:
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After the mass fish die-off: Conference on the future of the Oder River

The Oder ecosystem is fragile and currently very weakened. At a conference of the Green parliamentary groups in Brandenburg and in the Bundestag, we discussed with German and Polish experts how the Oder can be protected and managed sustainably.
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About Spyware and its misuse: what exactly does the PEGA Committee do?

Negotiations in the PEGA Committee have started – but what exactly does “PEGA” mean? High time to take a closer look at the work of the Committee! In this interview I answer the most important questions:
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Philippinen Titelbild

Trip to the Philippines: What is the human rights situation?

A delegation from the European Parliament's Human Rights Committee travelled to the country to find out whether the situation has improved since the new government took office. Here are my impressions:
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The Munich Security Conference: Re:Vision

At the MSC this year, I discussed the situation in Iran on a panel. At the Women100 dinner, we talked about Feminist Foreign Policy, and at the "Updating EU Crisis Management” event about European crisis operations. Here are my impressions:
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Plenum Hannah Neumann

#Qatargate, #Spywarefiles und schockierende Nachrichten aus dem Iran

In meinem letzten Monthly für 2022 gebe ich einen Rückblick auf turbulente Wochen:
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Besuch in Kiew

My visit to Kyiv

As part of a delegation of the Foreign Affairs and the Security and Defence Committees, I visited Ukraine last Friday. Read more about our meetings and discussions:
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Tagesspiegel Oder

Getrennte Vorstellung eines deutschen und polnischen Berichts zum Fischsterben in der Oder – Meine Stellungnahme

Nach dem gemeinsamen deutsch-polnischen Expert*innenrat zum Fischsterben in der Oder, gibt es nun zwei getrennte Berichte. Warum das ernüchternd ist:
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Artikel zu Sanna Marin - Brave Mädchen kommen in den Himmel, rockende überall hin

Sanna Marin: Good girls go to heaven, girls who rock go everywhere!

The video of a dancing Sanna Marin caused a big stir. I stood in solidarity with the Finnish head of government.
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Hannah Neumann Wanderung - Sommerpause

Sommertour „Oder an die Freude“, Feministische Außenpolitik und Alaa Abdel Fattah

Ein kurzes Update von mir vor der Sommerpause - lest mehr in meinem Monthly:
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Interview Hannah Neumann Feministische Außenpolitik Frankfurter_Rundschau

Feministische Außenpolitik: Für die Stärke des Rechts

Feministische Außenpolitik will Ungleichheiten analysieren, benennen und ausgleichen. Nur mehr Frauen einzubinden, wird nicht alle Probleme lösen. In der Frankfurter Rundschau habe ich u.a. darüber gesprochen:
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Hannah Neumann in Kuwait - 1

Meine Reise in die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate, der Pegasus-Untersuchungsausschuss und die Frauenquote in Kuwait

Zwei Reiseberichte, die Befragung eines NSO-Vertreters und eine gute Nachricht aus Greifswald - über diese und andere Themen lest ihr in meinem Monthly:
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