Travel reports

In December, together with the Delegation to the Arabian Peninsula, I travelled to Yemen - a country suffering from a terrible war that receives almost no international attention. This was the European Parliament's first official visit to Yemen since 2009.
As head of the delegation to the Arabian Peninsula, I travelled to Saudi Arabia. Topics included the regional security situation, the war in Ukraine, the fight against climate change in the run-up to COP 28 and Saudi Arabia's economic and social development, including human rights.
EU Visa are a powerful tool to support Human Rights Defenders at risk who are based outside the European Union. But it is still too difficult for HRDs to obtain them. I initiated a conference in Spain on the issue
The Iraqi festival gathered traditional music groups from all over the region, as well as European musicians. A unique experience in the heart of Mosul, which is still being rebuilt after ISIS occupation
Diesen Juni war ich wieder auf der Oder unterwegs. Mir war klar: Die Oder braucht Entlastung und konkrete Schritte, um ein erneutes Fisch- und Muschelsterben zu verhindern. Daher stand meine zweite Tour unter dem Motto „Alles wieder im Fluss?”.
The Taliban have steadily restricted women's and girls' rights, press freedom and civil liberties. Now they target education as a means to spread their radical ideology. It was in this context that I travelled to Afghanistan for the second time.
Knapp ein Jahr nach der verheerenden Umweltkatastrophe und meiner ersten Reise an die Oder gehe ich erneut auf Tour entlang des Flusses, vom 18. bis 22. Juni.
In May, I went to Oman as head of the delegation to the Arabian Peninsula, together with other MEPs. Read my report here.
A delegation from the European Parliament's Human Rights Committee travelled to the country to find out whether the situation has improved since the new government took office. Here are my impressions:
As part of a delegation of the Foreign Affairs and the Security and Defence Committees, I visited Ukraine last Friday. Read more about our meetings and discussions:
Diesen August bin ich im Elektroboot auf der Oder unterwegs - in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und Polen!
Kuwait gives its citizens many democratic rights compared to other Gulf monarchies, and is also ahead in women's rights. Yet there is not a single woman in parliament. I travelled to the country - an interview.
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