Meetings with lobbyists

Lobbyismus ist nicht immer etwas Schlechtes. Auch Menschenrechtler*innen, Friedensaktivist*innen oder unterdrückte Minderheiten brauchen Vereine oder Gruppen, die sie in der Politik vertreten. Lobbyismus gehört dazu, darf aber nicht zur Hinterzimmerpolitik werden.

That is why our group has voluntarily committed itself to transparency. Under the following link you can follow up with which lobby groups or representatives I have met so far. However, there is one exception and that is activists who are politically persecuted and are not safe. In order to protect these people, such meetings are not listed publicly.

Office expenses

For us at Greens/EFA, transparency is a matter close to our hearts. Of course, this also applies to our own work. Each MEP receives a monthly lump sum for office expenses (“GEA lump sum”, “GEA” stands for “General Expenditure Allowance”). Below you may find an overview of my expenses in 2022:

Last year, I received 54.756 € from the European Parliament to cover expenses for my parliamentary work. I spent 49.073,99 €, with the remaining 5.482,01 € carried over to 2023.

The largest item in 2022 was “Office supplies“. I used the money mainly to finance expenses related to ongoing office costs, as well as everything from folders to paper, paper clips and software licences. This category this time accounts for a higher share than last year because I now list some expenses related to training here.

It is also important to me that my staff and I can continue our individual training. Expenses in the category “Further education” are related to coaching.

Travel” includes my and my team members’ travel expenses. Last year, this encompassed parts of my trip to Iraq and to the Munich Security Conference, as well as overnight stays in my constituency or in other European countries. The European Parliament also grants me a travel budget, but it is too tight for a politician with a focus on foreign policy.

Telephone costs” refers to my and my staff’s mobile phone contracts and mobile data tariffs. We switched to teleworking during the Covid period and want to stay prepared for it in future.

The expenses in the category “Representation/VA” were mainly used to finance the #SHEcurity campaign. The publication of the index took place digitally again in 2022. Expenses for events or when visiting from abroad or the constituency also fall into this category and I am very pleased that these were possible again in 2022.

Administrative expenses“ are bank charges as well as my proportional contribution to the office and travel expenses of our 4 joint staff members of the German members of the Green Group (130 euros per month).

I hope this list helps you to understand what I used my “GEA lump sum” for in 2022. Of course, there is a receipt for every expense. In addition, I have my expenses audited annually to ensure they are correct, which results in the issuing of the Voluntary Confirmation on the use of the General Expenditure Allowance.

I will be happy to provide further information in the event of justified enquiries.

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