Screenshot des Artikels "Wie wir Desinformationsschleudern den Garaus machen" von Hannah Neumann
Das Espoo-Verfahren bildet eine länderübergreifende Anhörung bei Bauprojekten mit potenziell grenzüberschreitenden Auswirkungen. Zum Verfahren im Fall des geplanten Containerhafens in Swinemünde habe ich mich gegenüber der Presse geäußert.
The fish and mussels mass die-off in the summer of 2022 clearly showed that the Oder river needs some rest – and not further building works. Now an expert opinion that I co-commissioned confirms this: The German-Polish agreement of 2015 has clearly been violated.
A study by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, which I initiated as Vice Chair of the Human Rights Committee, shows that it is often difficult for Human Rights Defenders to enter the EU. Once on EU territory, they often do not get the support they need. What needs to change:
Until now, military procurement in the EU has been a strictly national affair. But things are slowly changing, also against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine. An overview:
Negotiations in the PEGA Committee have started – but what exactly does “PEGA” mean? High time to take a closer look at the work of the Committee! In this interview I answer the most important questions:
The PiS government is planning a huge container terminal in Świnoujście, on the border with Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. According to a Polish report now available, there will be no cross-border environmental impact. I disagree.
Human rights activists are still threatened, persecuted or even tortured and killed because of their work - this should not be the norm. More on this in my plenary speech.
I spoke to the Green European Journal about how we can overcome differences to put human rights and equality at the heart of EU foreign policy. Read more in this article!
How can EU foreign policy be brought in line with the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal? Register now for the launch of a Greens/EFA study on the topic!
Together with Alviina Alamestä, I presented a draft on arms exports for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. You can find more information in this article!
More countries, more topics, more analyses: the 2021 edition of the #SHEcurity Index comes up with many innovations - but read for yourself!
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