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Das letzte „Monthly“ in 2020: Meine Reise in den Irak und nach Syrien, der neue Gender Action Plan und mein offener Brief an Merkel

Am Ende dieses turbulenten Jahres stand bei mir und meinem Team noch einiges an. Mein Highlight: Ende November war es mir trotz Corona-Regelungen möglich, in den Irak und nach Syrien zu reisen - mehr lest ihr in meinem Newsletter!
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Hannahs Monthly – #SHEcurity: Peace needs women. More and fast! – Ein Monat im Zeichen der UN-Resolution 1325

Anlässlich des 20.Jubiläums der UN-Resolution 1325 zu Frauen, Frieden und Sicherheit stand dieser Monat ganz im Zeichen von feministischer Außenpolitik- mehr lest ihr in meinem Newsletter!
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Hannahs Monthly – Zurück im EP: Erfolg für meinen Rüstungsexport-Bericht und der Kampf um Menschenrechte auf den Philippinen

Zurück aus der Sommerpause standen für mich und mein Team auch direkt zwei wichtige Abstimmungen an - mehr lest ihr in meinem Newsletter!
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Hannahs Monthly – Endspurt vor dem Sommer: Covid-Monitor, Rüstungsexportbericht und mein Gespräch mit Nurcan Baysal

Vor der Sommerpause standen für mein Team und mich noch zwei wichtige Vorhaben an - mehr lest ihr in meinem Newsletter!
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Women to the negotiating tables

Hannahs Monthly: A feminist foreign policy for the EU - and now!

For me, June was all about "Women, Peace and Security" - read more in my newsletter!
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Hannahs Monthly 5

Hannahs Monthly: 365 days of Europe, 4 times Corona - and ... 1 Parliament waking up

The European elections took place a year ago. After that it was clear: I was going to move into the European Parliament. What have I achieved since then? That's what you read here!
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Boy in refugee camp with face mask

Hannahs Monthly: How Corona impacts globally, "Women, Peace and Security" & Climate Change Litigation

Corona is going to change the world. Towards more solidarity, or towards isolation and nation-state? I am convinced that this is a global crisis and that it needs global answers.
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Freundschaftsausschusses des Schura Councels mit der Delegation des Europäischen Parlaments

Hannahs Monthly: Coronavirus, the Munich Security Conference and my trip to Saudi Arabia and Oman

The coronavirus has the world firmly in its grip - and with it the European Parliament. After the week of plenary sessions scheduled for 9-12 March was initially moved from Strasbourg to Brussels, the session was later shortened to one day. This then also affected one of my main projects this month - a resolution on the forthcoming IRENE mission to help enforce the arms embargo on Libya.
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#LeaveALightOn - damit unsere Freunde eines Tages wieder nach Hause finden!

Hannahs Monthly: Interview marathon, three speeches in one day and goose bumps at the end

"This year I'm running the marathon!" - a proud New Year's resolution, but not mine. Nevertheless, January demanded some stamina from me and immediately started with a marathon of interviews: While events in Iran and Iraq were tumbling over, I was asked to assess the situation for various national newspapers. I also accompanied the topic in my parliamentary work. Alongside Europe's future and the Green Deal, the US-Iran conflict was one of the most important debates during the week of the Strasbourg part-session, both for my group and for the people on the ground. Back in Brussels it was time to say goodbye. With deep embraces and big tears. Carried by the hope that one day the British people will return. Now it is time to start negotiations. It will remain complicated.
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Hannahs Monthly: The Commission stands, the climate deal is coming, people are looking to Europe

We finally have a new Commission and now the work really gets under way. In December the Commission will present its Green Deal and we will critically accompany it. In the last weeks we organized solidarity with LGBTI* activists who are working in Eastern Europe.
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Irak: Während in Mossul der Wiederaufbau nach den IS-Kämpfen nur schleppend vorangeht, eskaliert in Bagdad der nächste Konflikt.

Arab Spring 2.0

In Egypt there are mass detentions of protesters. European spy software is probably involved. Yet there is no ban on exports. In Iraq, demonstrators are being shot at with live ammunition. Looking ahead to further protests in Lebanon and Algeria, it is evident that we are facing an Arab Spring 2.0. And the next few months will be decisive as to whether the protests will lead to more freedom and democracy this time. So far, EU member states and the international community have been alarmingly quiet about the demonstrations. In Parliament, however, we have fought for clear resolutions - sometimes with success. This also applies to a resolution which strongly denounces the Turkish invasion of Syria and calls for clear sanctions.
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Hannah Neumann ist neue Leiterin der Delegation Arabische Halbinsel.

Hannahs Monthly: Klima oder Frieden – Europäische Lösungen sind nötig und möglich!

September was for many people marked by the climate crisis. Two weeks ago, the world's largest climate conference took place and the German government presented its much criticised climate package. On the same day I opened my constituency office EUTOPIA in Berlin-Lichtenberg. My guests
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