MdEP Hannah Neumann steht am Rednerpult im Plenarsaal des Europäischen Parlaments und hält eine Rede.
Israel has the right to self-defense and to bring the hostages home – at the same time, the civilians in Gaza have the right to protection and humanitarian aid. How can both be achieved?
EU Member States are simply not willing to move towards a European Defense Industry and market. A European Defense Industrial Strategy must change this:
More and more important decisions are being taken at EU level. As a result, attempts by third countries to exert influence legally – but also illegally – are increasing. I called for these countermeasures in my plenary speech:
The European Parliament has awarded the Sakharov Prize 2023 to Jina Mahsa Amini (posthumously) and the Woman Life Freedom movement. Now it is time to follow up words with actions.
COP 28 is taking place in the United Arab Emirates this year. We need the Gulf states on the team “climate protection” and at the same time, we must clearly address human rights violations. More in my plenary speech.
The misuse of spy software is widespread. The EU must finally take on a leading role in regulating these digital weapons.
Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the focus of the media has shifted again. However, we need to take action to protect those resisting their oppression on the ground.
A year ago, the death of Jina Mahsa Amini triggered a new wave of protests in Iran, against which the regime is responding to with brutal violence. The EU's Iran policy needs a new approach.
The Iranian regime fears freedom: Tens of thousands of political prisoners are in jail because they dared to speak up. Everyone who still talks to the Iranian regime must demand their release! My plenary speech:
SLAPP cases are increasingly being used to silence critical voices. In my plenary speech, I made clear why they are so insidious and what they mean for those affected and the legal systems:
This year alone, more than 300 people have been executed in Iran. The international community must not remain silent in the face of such atrocities, otherwise there could soon be 3000.
The work of the PEGA Committee uncovered the rampant misuse of spyware worldwide. Now, the Commission and the Council must act upon our recommendations! My plenary speech: