Because Europe is fighting, violence continues to reign in Libya – My guest article in the WELT

Five months after the Berlin Libya Conference, the civil war in the EU’s neighbourhood continues. The declarations of intent to comply with the UN arms embargo have not been implemented by the warring parties. The EU’s common position exists only on paper: Officially, the EU supports the Libyan Government in Tripoli, which is recognised by the United Nations, and the UN peace process. In reality, however, each Member State does what it wants. Italy, for example, cooperates with the government in Tripoli, while France supports its main challenger, Khalifa Haftar. The refugee crisis and the Corona pandemic further exacerbate the dramatic situation.

In the WELT I therefore argue together with Omid Nouripour (foreign policy spokesman for the Green parliamentary group in the Bundestag) for a common EU position on Libya. Germany has a key role to play here: after all, in July it will take over the EU Council Presidency in parallel with the presidency of the UN Security Council. What exactly Germany and the EU can do can be read in the article:

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