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#NoWar - House concert with Igor Levit because of the war in Ukraine

#NoWar - House concert with Igor Levit

The war in Ukraine continues – and many of us feel helpless in the face of the immeasurable suffering the Russian President Vladimir Putin has brought upon the country. The pianist Igor Levit, a member of the Green Party and a personal friend of mine, gave hope to many people with his house concerts during the corona pandemic. Now, in the current crisis situation, it was time for a reprise: So we organized a #NoWar house concert in Berlin with musicians from Ukraine and Russia.
Our goal was on the one hand, to create a moment of comfort in the face of war. We wanted to send a signal that this is not a war of Russian society, but Putin's war. On the other hand, we wanted to make a contribution for the support of refugees from Ukraine. Donations collected during the concert benefited the doArte Foundation, which is currently building an accommodation in Bernau near Berlin for 300 people from Ukraine. In addition to providing accommodation, the foundation also promotes social and cultural interaction.
So far, more than 30,000 euros have been raised for this purpose. You can support the work of the foundation for Ukrainian refugees by making a donation. You can also find the complete concert at this link.
We would like to thank the following musicians without whom this special evening would not have been possible: Viola: Igor Budinstein Soprano: Solomia Lukyanets Violoncello: Sergej Rossoha Violin: Anhelia Serafymovych Clarinet: Eduard Tkachenko

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