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“Libyans should decide their own future” – DW interview

It is important that all parties to the conflict come together and discuss a peaceful solution for Libya. Germany’s initiative for a conference in Berlin is the right approach. Most importantly, however, eventually it should be the Libyans themselves who decide on their future. That was my core message in the interview with Deutsche Well on the occasion of the meeting of Merkel and Putin in Moscow.

“It is of urgent importance that Germany uses all its diplomatic weight to find a peaceful solution. A conference in Berlin is a strong signal in this regard. Nevertheless, we have to wait and see how far talks will take us. Russia also has a key role to play.

“In view of the announcements of military operations by Turkey and Egypt and the large quantities of weapons being supplied to the region, all parties involved hope for de-escalation. So there is agreement on this. The question of who is to be in control in the future is an exciting one. But this is something that the Libyan people should decide.”

– Hannah Neumann, MdEP

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