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2 years in the European Parliament – looking back

It’s been 2 years since I took my seat in the European Parliament – a lot of things have happened and I was able to celebrate many successes.
A review of the past 12 months:

Human Rights

✔️ The EU adopted its human rights sanctions mechanism last December – a major Green/EFA success!
✔️ Last month, the European Parliament launched its “Twinning” programme for parliamentarians who are in danger because of their work – I had initiated the programme

Feminist foreign policy

✔️ My Report on a Feminist Foreign Policy for the EU was adopted by Parliament in October. Many of Parliament’s ambitious demands found their way into the Gender Action Plan III of the European Commission
✔️ Together with partners such as the Munich Security Conference, Women In International Security and the AllBright Foundation, I launched #SHEcurity, a campaign for more women & diversity in peace and security

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Arms Export

✔️ My report on European arms exports was adopted by Parliament in September 2020 – after weeks and months of fierce negotiations. The report recognizes that weapons cannot be treated like any other export good and calls for, among other things, more transparency and better end-user controls.
✔️ Many different media outlets have interviewed me on the topic of maintenance works and deliveries of spare parts by EU firms, which indirectly help Turkey to break the arms embargo against Libya. I also voiced my concern about the new European “Peace” Facility in several media: Arms exported through the EPF may end up in the wrong hands very quickly.

Climate and Peace

✔️ In Parliament, we adopted a report on the issue, which calls for, among other things, better protection for environmental and human rights defenders and more accountability for governments & companies.
✔️ The report, for which I was shadow rapporteur, also raised the case of Steven Donziger and the legal proceedings underway against him – Steven Donziger has represented indigenous peoples in Ecuador against the oil company Chevron.

Eins ist klar: Auch in Zukunft wird es viele neue spannende Projekte geben. Und ich werde weiterhin für Fortschritte in all den Bereichen kämpfen, die mir am Herzen liegen 💚.


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