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Hannah Neumann Plenarrede

The time for an ambiguous Iran policy is over - my plenary speech

In Strasbourg, 12,000 people took to the streets this week to support the protesters in Iran. In my plenary speech, I made it clear:

As long as the brutal crackdown of protests continues, we should not negotiate with regime representatives.
As long as the revolutionary guards terrorize their own people, we should put them on the sanctions list.
For me, the time for ambiguous politics is over!

Today, the European Parliament overwhelmingly adopted a resolution. It demands:

  • classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization
  • specific sanctions against revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi
  • to end the executions, abolish the death penalty and release all political prisoners
  • Access for a United Nations fact-finding mission.

But what exactly does the resolution mean? Check out my Twitter thread below for more details.

You can also find more information in the Press release from the Greens/EFA (in German) on the subject.

In addition, this week I addressed the fact that EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has for months been avoiding taking part a debate on Iran in Parliament. I hope that he will come to Parliament at the earliest opportunity so that we can finally discuss divergent positions.

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