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Hannah im leeren Europaparlament

The European Parliament is waking up! - The EP in times of Corona

Two months ago I wrote about how the activities of the European Parliament came to a halt in the middle of a plenary week . How events and meetings were cancelled and it felt like the plug had been pulled as we moved into home office due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then the EU member states have been able to flatten their infection curves through drastic quarantine measures and reduced the number of newly infected people. Public life is now slowly returning in many places and even the halls of the Parliament in Brussels are filling up again.

But the new corona-normal has completely changed our parliamentary work. How do committees, plenary sessions or votes work if many MEPs cannot travel to Brussels? What precautions are needed to work while keeping a social distance ? To answer these questions, this video takes you into a European Parliament that is slowly waking up in times of Covid-19 and #socialdistancing.

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