Hannah Neumann, im rosa Jackett, bei ihrer Rede im Europäischen Parlament. Auf dem Untertitel steht "Last week, the Iranian regime celebrated its first direct strike on Israel"
We urgently need to work on a Plan B: a regional security architecture that deals with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and prepares for new attacks by the Iranian regime.
Dissidents and journalists who fled their own country are often not safe: Authoritarian regimes and dictatorships continue to target them even outside national borders. The EU must finally address this issue!
Until now, EU member states have been competing with each other on the defence market instead of procuring together. The European Commission has now presented a proposal to tackle the problem.
2024 is a year of many crises and conflicts around the world. And more than half of the world's population will be voting in 2024. It was against this backdrop that the MSC took place in February. I took part in two panels.
In December, together with the Delegation to the Arabian Peninsula, I travelled to Yemen - a country suffering from a terrible war that receives almost no international attention. This was the European Parliament's first official visit to Yemen since 2009.
EU Member States are simply not willing to move towards a European Defense Industry and market. A European Defense Industrial Strategy must change this:
Ein Jahr ist es nun her, dass die Korruptionsaffaire das Europäische Parlament erschüttert hat. Was ist seitdem geschehen? Darüber habe ich mit verschiedenen Medien gesprochen.
Seit meinem letzten Monthly ist viel passiert. Einen Rückblick auf die Konferenz und eine Netzwerkreise nach Brüssel sowie Updates zur COP28 findet ihr im Newsletter.
We need a feminist foreign policy in Europe right now. But where do we stand and where are we heading? We discussed this at a conference I organised. The keynote speech was given by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.
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