Arms Exports

Time and again, European weapons are used to perpetrate war crimes and human rights violations abroad, even though the EU has rules whose very purpose is to ensure that our weapons do not end up in war zones. Most Member States ignore those rules, however. And when a group of Member States develop weapons systems together, matters become even more complicated.

As spokesperson on human rights and peace, I campaign to ensure that no more EU weapons are supplied to warmongers and dictators. I want the existing EU rules to be enforced at long last and I am advocating for a uniform authorisation procedure designed to ensure that our weapons do not fall into the wrong hands. 

“No weapons for warmongers!” "

EDIRPA: No game-changer
The new instrument aims to help member states meet their defence needs through joint procurement. But there will be no parliamentary oversight. And we need much more: a fundamental shift in defense procurement.
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ASAP: We need an excess profit tax!
We as Greens/EFA fully support the fastest possible delivery of ammunition to Ukraine. But why turn ASAP into a money machine for the defence sector? My speech:
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Update – EU takes first steps towards joint procurement of military equipment
Until now, military procurement in the EU has been a strictly national affair. But things are slowly changing, also against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine. An overview:
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Besuch in Kiew
My visit to Kyiv
As part of a delegation of the Foreign Affairs and the Security and Defence Committees, I visited Ukraine last Friday. Read more about our meetings and discussions:
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German approval for arms exports to Saudi Arabia: we need binding agreements at German and EU level
Personally, I believe that the authorisation of the exports was wrong, but I can understand how the German Federal Security Council came to this decision. What must happen now:
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EU Defence Plan: My comments
In the context of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, the European Commission today presented its EU Defence Plan to close the defence investment gap.
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#NoWar - House concert with Igor Levit because of the war in Ukraine
Europäische Waffenexporte, ein #NoWar-Hauskonzert mit Igor Levit und meine Reise in den Irak
Diesen Monat lag der Fokus meiner Arbeit auf dem Krieg in der Ukraine. Unter Anderem ging es um europäische Waffenexporte und wie wir mit einer feministische Außenpolitik Kriegen entgegenwirken können. Erfahrt hier mehr:
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Waffenexporte: Wir brauchen mehr Transparenz
The influence of the arms lobby in Brussels
Vertreter*innen großer Waffenkonzerne haben ganze Absätze des Kommissionsvorschlags für den Europäischen Verteidigungsfonds geschrieben. Hierüber habe ich mit "Investigate Europe" gesprochen - der Tagesspiegel berichtet.
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My point of view regarding EU arms exports to Ukraine
The EU has once again allocated 500 million euros for the export of weapons to Ukraine. I provided i.a. rbb and Deutschlandfunk (two public German radio channels) with my points of view regarding this decision.
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Waffenexporte nach Russland: Recherche von Investigate Europe
War in Ukraine: European arms exports even after the 2014 embargo
Bullets, planes, rockets, torpedoes, bombs. EU member states have continued to sell arms to Russia even after the arms embargo was passed in 2014. I spoke to Investigate Europe about this.
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Brasil - Swiss military vehicles used in the slums of Rio de Janeiro: My statement
Swiss military vehicles used in the slums of Rio de Janeiro: My statement
Armoured Swiss military vehicles, originally exported to Brazil for humanitarian purposes, have been used in Rio de Janeiro's favelas. I spoke to the press about the case.
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Hannah bei ihrer Plenarrede zum Thema: sexuelle Belästigung
Mein Telegram-Channel, ein „Wo-Mensplainer“ zum Thema sexuelle Belästigung – und unsere neue Studie zu Klima & Außenpolitik
Mehr Informationen zu meiner neuen Präsenz auf Telegram, meiner Plenarrede zu 4 Jahren #MeToo und unserer brandneuen Grüne/EFA-Studie findet ihr in diesem "Monthly"!
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