Arms Exports

Time and again, European weapons are used to perpetrate war crimes and human rights violations abroad, even though the EU has rules whose very purpose is to ensure that our weapons do not end up in war zones. Most Member States ignore those rules, however. And when a group of Member States develop weapons systems together, matters become even more complicated.

As spokesperson on human rights and peace, I campaign to ensure that no more EU weapons are supplied to warmongers and dictators. I want the existing EU rules to be enforced at long last and I am advocating for a uniform authorisation procedure designed to ensure that our weapons do not fall into the wrong hands. 

“No weapons for warmongers!” "


Aktualisierte Dual-Use-Verordnung: Schutz der Menschenrechte im Fokus

Das Europaparlament berät heute über die aktualisierte Version der „Dual-Use-Verordnung“. Die Verordnung regelt Bestimmungen für den Export von Gütern, die sowohl für zivile als auch für militärische Zwecke genutzt werden können. Erstmals sind nun auch Überwachungstechnologien durch die Verordnung abgedeckt.
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Die „Europäische Friedensfazilität“: Meine Kritikpunkte in den Medien

Diese Woche wurde sie verabschiedet: die „European Peace Facility“. Mit dem neuen Fonds kann die EU erstmals tödliche Waffen selbst in Drittländer zu exportieren – auch in Konfliktregionen. Damit bricht die EU mit der Idee, eine reine Zivilmacht zu sein.
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10 years Arab Spring: No arms export to Egypt! My Plenary speech

In December's plenary I spoke about the arms exports of President Macron to the Egyptian dictator al-Sisi. Click here to learn more
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Joint Letter to Merkel: 53 German and Greek MEPs call for the suspension of German submarine exports to Turkey

In view of the continuing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, my Greek colleague Maria Spyraki and I have decided to call on the German government to suspend the export of German submarines immediately.
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My report on EU arms exports made it through Parliament!

My report on arms export has been adopted: On Wednesday, it was approved by the European Parliament - weeks and month of fierce negotiations have finally paid off! But what is this report all about?
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My report on arms exports has been confirmed by the Foreign Affairs Committee

This week the AFET Committee adopted my report on arms exports. As MEPs, we call for more EU-wide control and transparency in arms exports.
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Welt OpEd

Because Europe is fighting, violence continues to reign in Libya - My guest article in the WELT

Libya is demoralised - and the EU is just watching. The refugee crisis continues and the Corona pandemic is exacerbating the dramatic situation. The German government had tried to fill the gaps. And is now facing the shattered remains of its initiative.
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Euractiv Interview

The EU needs common rules and more transparency on arms exports: My interview with euractiv

Durch die Bank hinweg fordern alle politischen Parteien mehr Transparenz und Regeln bei EU-Waffenexporten. Aber sobald es um konkrete Aktivitäten und Maßnahmen geht, ziehen die politischen Akteur*innen oft nicht am gleichen Strang. 
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Ein männlicher Bundeswehrsoldat steht vor einer Drohne.

German debate on armed drones - My interview with euractiv

In Germany, a familiar debate is flaring up again: Should the Bundeswehr be allowed to use armed drones? In 2014, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for human rights to be respected when drones are used. Not much has happened since then!
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Made in Europe, Bombed in Yemen Webinar

Made in Europe, bombed in Yemen – My Webinar

Are European defence companies aiding and abetting alleged war crimes committed by the Saudi Arabia-UAE military coalition in Yemen? This was one of the topics in my webinar with the European Center of Constitutional Human Rights (ECCHR).
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Hannah Neumann: Plenarrede zur Sicherheitspolitik

EU Annual Report on Security Policy: "More weapons do not make a region any safer!"

The EU Annual Report on the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) ignores existing criticism and supports the US rearmament demands. But more weapons do not make a region any safer, and there are European treaties that lay down an appropriate mix of military and civilian measures that turn security policy into peace policy.
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Hannah Neumann bei der Rede zu Menschenrechten

EU Annual Report: Respect for human rights must become the top priority of foreign policy

Why do trade agreements protect companies but not people? Why do EU manufacturers still sell arms to warmongers? And why are EU companies still destroying the habitat of indigenous peoples just to mine coal? The EU Annual Report on Human Rights shows how our policies affect people around the world.
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