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Speech on the US-Iran conflict: For peace we must listen to the demonstrators

The nuclear agreement is still alive and the EU must do everything possible to get Iran and the USA back on board. In this difficult situation, however, those who are fighting for democracy in Iran and Iraq must not be forgotten. The EU must strongly condemn the violence and repression against the demonstrators. I called for this yesterday in Parliament. Because there will be no peace in the region if the people on the streets continue to be silenced.

Rede zum USA-Iran-Konflikt

?? English version belowNoch lebt das Atomabkommen und die EU muss alles daran tun, den Iran und die USA wieder an Bord zu bekommen. In dieser schwierigen Lage dürfen aber nicht diejenigen vergessen werden, die im Iran und im Irak für Demokratie kämpfen. Die EU muss die Gewalt und Repressionen gegen die Demonstrant*innen entschieden verurteilen. Das forderte ich gestern im Parlament. Denn es wird keinen Frieden in der Region geben, wenn die Menschen auf den Straßen weiter zum Schweigen gebracht werden.The nuclear deal is still alive, and the EU should use all its diplomatic weight to get the US and Iran back on board. In this difficult situation we must not forget those who fight for democracy in Iran and Iraq, as well. The EU has to condemn the violence and repressions against protesters decisively. That’s what I demanded in parliament, yesterday. Because there will never be peace in the region, if the voices of those in the streets are silenced.

Gepostet von Hannah Neumann am Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2020

After the attack on Soleimani initially threatened to overshadow the protests, people in Tehran and Baghdad are now back on the streets. The EU must show more effort to protect the demonstrators* from violence and manslaughter. To do so, we must fill the gap left by the withdrawal of US troops in Iraq and send a clear message to the Iranian regime.

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