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Pegasus: We demand an immediate clarification of the scandal

The Pegasus scandal has now reached the European Union. Politicians, lawyers and journalists have been targeted with the spyware, as well as several MEPs - our parliamentary immunity has been undermined. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez also seems to have been attacked with spyware. I had expected an outcry because of these incidents, but nothing happened. The Greens/EFA Group therefore scheduled a debate for today, given that the three majority groups had prevented a regular plenary debate.

In my speech, I make it clear very clear: We cannot simply ignore these revelations and allow that from now on everyone in the EU can be spied on. We must acknowledge that things have gotten out of control, get immediate explanations and clarifications and stop the misuse of spyware like Pegasus.

As member of the Pegasus Inquiry Committee and shadow rapporteur, I am in charge of the Pegasus case in our group. In the Greens/EFA official press release, we demand that the scandal be cleared up immediately. Pegasus violated fundamental rights, including the rights of human rights defenders in third countries. In the committee of enquiry, we will investigate the extent of these violations and develop clear guidelines for the use of spyware within the EU.


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