Eastern? Western? European!

Hannah als BabyHannah als Baby
I was born in the Palatinate. In a small town in the border region between Germany and France.
Hannah als KleinkindHannah als Kleinkind
1985 - 2000
As I grew up, Europe grew together. No passport control, no borders, no money exchange. And my first side job in France.
Hannah an der Uni IlmenauHannah an der Uni Ilmenau
At 18 I went to Ilmenau to study. Media studies, pretty modern at the time. A great time at a small university.
Hannah und ihr EhemannHannah und ihr Ehemann
That's where I met my husband. I came from "down south". He came from "up north" in Germany, from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. So we met in the middle.
Hannah mit ihren Kindern am StrandHannah mit ihren Kindern am Strand
Two years later we moved to Berlin and had three children. Since then we have lived there happily together - grateful that this country is one country.
Hannah vor dem Brandenburger TorHannah vor dem Brandenburger Tor
Until today
Without integration into the EU, the two parts of Germany would probably never have grown together into one in this way. Surely there are problems, but it is certainly better than before.
Hannah mit einem RegenbogenschirmHannah mit einem Regenbogenschirm
Eastern? Western?
I am often asked the question whether I am an Ossi or a Wessian? I left the West as a teenager, found a home in the East. I am grateful to be able to live in Berlin, to have a home in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and one in Brussels.
Hannah in BrüsselHannah in Brüssel
Therefore I simply answer: I am European. At home in many places that have shaped and enriched me. Where my friends live and my mobile phone already knows the WLAN code.