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“Often a fight between David and Goliath?” – Climate change litigation

Climate change is also a human rights issue. At the same time, political measures to protect the climate are often slow to take effect. In order to speed things up and to bring those responsible to justice, many citizens* now take governments or companies that pollute the environment to court. Das Green European Journal hat mich zum Konzept der „Klimagerechtigkeit“ und den Perspektiven von Gerichtsverfahren zum Klimawandel in der EU interviewt – und ich habe auch darüber gesprochen, was wir Grünen im Europäischen Parlament tun können, um Veränderungen voranzutreiben.

"We have known for years that burning fossil fuels is not a sustainable practice, and that it is responsible for a large percentage of emissions. However, the vast financial resources that multinationals possess allow them to fight off any potential damage to their business or reputation. [...] Climate litigators embark on an uphill battle when they sue large corporations with significant economic power. As it is often a case of David versus Goliath, it can expose the litigators to serious outside pressure, criticism and, not to forget, economic burden."

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