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New Commission: I abstained.

Together with my group, I abstained in the election of the EU Commission. Here is our press release, which explains well why:

Press Release:


The Greens/EFA Group abstained from today’s vote on the new European Commission. The Greens/EFA are very concerned about the selection of Commissioners from Hungary, France and Croatia and are extremely critical of the linking of the title ‘promoting our European way of life’ with migration policy. The new European Commission lacks the courage to make substantial changes in agricultural and trade policy, without which it cannot successfully implement a green deal for the people of the European Union. Ursula von der Leyen must keep her election promises and make this Commission the Climate Commission. The Greens/EFA group will keep the door open for constructive cooperation on major challenges such as combating the climate crisis. The new Commission will start on December 1st.

Ska Keller, President of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, comments

“Our voting behaviour is a sign of goodwill despite fundamental criticisms. We have clear reservations about some elected Commissioners but we are equally committed to constructive cooperation in order to make the European Union more ecological and social.

“While there are strong Commissioners, we have great concerns about others and their roles. For example, a Viktor Orbán loyalist will be in charge of ensuring candidate countries comply with the rule of law and European values, while Hungary remains under the Article 7 procedure. The former head of one of Europe’s largest digital companies will be responsible for the EU digital market, among other things, which can create a massive conflict of interests.

“The President of the Commission has announced that she is in favour of more climate protection and we hope that this will be translated into action. We demand that Ursula von der Leyen makes this Commission the climate Commission. There can be no continuation of business as usual in agriculture if we are to meet the needs of the environment, we need a complete reform of the Common Agricultural Policy now.

We congratulate President von der Leyen and the new Commission and look forward to working together.”

– Ska Keller, Chairwoman of the Greens/EFA Group

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