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Menschenrechtsverteidiger_innen Rede zum Bericht zur Umsetzung der Leitlinien

My report on human rights defenders was adopted by a large majority

Human rights defenders fight for the same values that are so important to us in the EU: democracy, human rights, freedom. They often risk their lives doing so. Women, members of the LGBTQI+ community and environmentalists are particularly at risk. 25 years ago, the United Nations passed a landmark declaration on human rights defenders, which, among other things, calls on states to protect and support them. The EU guidelines for the protection of human rights defenders are based on this declaration.
In the report, for which I was rapporteur, we carefully analyzed the existing guidelines: where do we need to adjust them? Where is room for improvement in their specific application? You can find out more in my speech.

The report, which was adopted in committee with a large majority, has now also been passed in plenary - with 400 yes votes, only 43 no votes and 86 abstentions.

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