Human Rights

Everywhere in the world there are people who do things that we take for granted: criticise corruption, protect their local forest, express their opinions, love whomever they want. And because they do these things, they are threatened, persecuted, murdered. Their struggle for freedom is our struggle for freedom.

Experience shows that the EU can do much to protect human rights defenders. As vice-chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI), I want to give human rights defenders, who are coming under ever greater pressure everywhere, a strong voice. Because we in Europe cannot remain silent when elsewhere in the world human rights are trampled upon. 

“Freedom for those who defend freedom .”

Hannah Neumann, im pinken Kleid, und Niklas Nienaß, im blauen Hemd, schießen ein Selfie vor Delegierten beim Parteitag der Grünen in Grimmen. Die Delegierten halten Europafähnchen hoch.

Parteitag in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, gemeinsame Beschaffung militärischer Güter und die Situation in Afghanistan und im Irak

In diesem "Monthly" erfahrt ihr, was im April bei mir los war. Es geht unter anderem um gemeinsame Rüstungsbeschaffung auf EU-Ebene, den Parteitag in MV und meine Plenarreden zum Irak und Afghanistan.
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Afghanistan: Protect our local partners

Without the support of our local partners, no EU action, no matter how rapidly deployed, will have a positive political impact on the ground. A Rapid Deployment Capacity cannot be our only answer – we need to better protect our partners and evacuate them when needed! My speech:
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The Crackdown on the Right to Education in Afghanistan – My plenary speech

After taking power only one and a half years ago, the Taliban have banned women from public life. Now, the future of the country is under attack: the education of its youngest. The EU cannot look away. My plenary speech:
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Iraq: The spirit of the youth protest movement lives on

Iraq is a country that has gone through years of war, conflict and terror. Yet the spirit of the Youth protest movement lives on! As the EU, we should support this young courageous generation as much as we can. My plenary speech:
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Hannah Neumann Rede zu Pegasus

Pegasus: a conspiracy of silence of Commission and member states

For the past 6 months, there has been a conspiracy of silence of Commission and member states. In order to be able to protect democracy, however, all stakeholders need to be willing to cooperate - more in my speech:
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Menschenrechtsverteidiger_innen Rede zum Bericht zur Umsetzung der Leitlinien

Mein Bericht zu Menschenrechtsverteidiger*innen, Verhandlungen im PEGA-Ausschuss und – immer wieder – die Lage im Iran und in Afghanistan

Diese und viele weitere Themen haben mich in den letzten Wochen beschäftigt – lest mehr darüber in der neuen Ausgabe meines Monthly!
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Menschenrechtsverteidiger_innen Rede zum Bericht zur Umsetzung der Leitlinien

My report on human rights defenders was adopted by a large majority

Menschenrechtsverteidiger*innen sind unsere engsten Verbündeten. Mein Bericht zeigt: Die EU kann sie noch besser schützen und unterstützen! Wie genau? Mehr Infos:
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About Spyware and its misuse: what exactly does the PEGA Committee do?

Negotiations in the PEGA Committee have started – but what exactly does “PEGA” mean? High time to take a closer look at the work of the Committee! In this interview I answer the most important questions:
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Philippinen Titelbild

Trip to the Philippines: What is the human rights situation?

A delegation from the European Parliament's Human Rights Committee travelled to the country to find out whether the situation has improved since the new government took office. Here are my impressions:
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Bild 15.02.23 um 11.15

Negotiations on amendments start in Pegasus inquiry committee

The Pegasus Inquiry Committee enters the next round: after all parliamentary groups have submitted their amendments, our draft report is now on the table. My priorities:
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Neuer Screenshot Report HDR

Protection of Human Rights Defenders: my report was adopted by a large majority in the committee

The report was put to the vote in the Foreign Affairs Committee today. It will be voted in plenary in March. This is what it is about:
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Campus für Demokratie

Volle Aufmerksamkeit auf den Iran! – und: Claudia Roth zu Besuch in der ehemaligen Stasi-Zentrale

Was bei mir im neuen Jahr passiert ist und die Themen, die mich aktuell beschäftigen: Darüber gebe ich einen Überblick im neuen Monthly.
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