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My first plenary speech – Regional Conference for the Persian Gulf and talk about human rights violations

Hannah Neumann, spokesperson on human rights and peace policy, calls on the EU to engage in dialogue with Iran. In her speech in the European Parliament on Tuesday evening, the Green politician stressed that the nuclear agreement had been a success for a united EU. The fact that the agreement is endangered is not only due to the conflict between Iran and the USA but also to a still too weak European foreign policy.

“Yes, the USA and Iran must talk. But I want the EU to encourage regional talks and ensure that the conflict does not spill over into countries already ravaged by war. We must defend the agreement. But we must also sit down together and find a sustainable solution. This can only be done if the many human rights violations are also addressed (…) A strong EU is now more important than ever to protect the international order.

And here is the video in full length.

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