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My report for a feminist EU foreign policy has been adopted in plenary!

Decisions become better the more diverse the people are who make them. Therefore we need a more inclusive European foreign and security policy!

This is why my colleague Ernest Urtasun and I have written a parliamentary report on how to achieve this goal. The report has now been adopted in plenary. Here is my plenary speech on the topic:

The report calls for EU institutions and member states to work towards a feminist foreign policy at both European and national level.

The main demands:

  • Member States and the European Union should commit themselves to a feminist foreign and security policy 
  • A target of 50% women in senior positions in the European External Action Service (EEAS), including regarding EU ambassadors, and as heads of civilian and military missions and operations under the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) 
  • Mandatory trainings on gender equality, in particular for EEAS management staff and heads of CSPD missions and operations 
  • 85% of official development assistance should be allocated to projects where the promotion of gender equality is one of the main objectives 
  • The establishment of gender focal points in all EU delegations
  • Ratification of the Istanbul Convention, to ensure the protection of Civil Society Organisations and Human Rights Defenders

My report for a feminist EU foreign policy

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