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Made in Europe, Bombed in Yemen Webinar

Made in Europe, bombed in Yemen – My Webinar

European weapons are used in Yemen. A civil war has been raging there for 5 years, indirectly supported by European and international actors. The evidence is numerous and incriminating, but it has not put an end to the flow of weapons. Are European arms companies therefore aiding and abetting alleged war crimes committed in Yemen by the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? This question was at the heart of a communication submitted by the European Center of Constitutional Human Rights and its partners to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in December 2019.

Piles of EU weapons exported to Yemen
For this reason, I hosted a webinar together with ECCHR and talked about European arms exports and how we can regulate them. We discussed this among other things: How do European arms affect the conflict in Yemen? Can companies and their management be held liable under international criminal law if exported weapons are used to commit war crimes? How can the ICC hold government officials accountable for their role in armed conflict? What mechanisms of arms export control exist in the EU and how can they be improved?
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