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Lichtenberg stays colourful! My protest observations

Lichtenberg stays colourful!

With this slogan in mind, hundreds of people took to the streets last Saturday, on the anniversary of German reunification, to oppose the march of the far right group "3rd Way" in Hohenschönhausen.

I was there as a participant and speaker and shared my impressions on Twitter.

At 11 a.m., representatives of civil society met in front of the train station in Lichtenberg. From there, we went to Hohenschönhausen together.

The central rally of "Bunter Wind Lichtenberg" took place at the Linden-Center in Hohenschönhausen, with political speeches by, among others, Vice President of German Parliament Petra Pau, Member of German Parliament Dr. Gesine Lötzsch, District Mayor Michael Grunst, his deputy Kevin Hönicke, Dagmar Pötzsch from the „Stolpersteine“ working group, Claudia Engelmann, Chairwoman of the Youth Welfare Committee and myself.

Due to the efforts of many counter-protesters who blocked their way with sit-ins, the neo-Nazis were unable to march to the Linden-Center.

I am proud of Lichtenberg and of the many citizens who have shown that Nazis have no place in our neighbourhood. We stood up against right-wing agitation – and we will continue doing so!

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