Climate & Peace

The climate crisis is hardest hitting on the world's poorest. As a result it is exacerbating existing conflicts over food, over fertile land, over living space. We in Europe have a responsibility to reduce our CO2 emissions and compensate the damage caused by our misguided behaviour in the past.

But climate protection policies can also exacerbate conflicts if they fail to take proper account of existing local tensions. When people are moved to make way for a new dam - but are not welcome in their new homes. Or when rare earths are mined for batteries - but poor working conditions are ignored. At the same time, climate protection projects can be used to generate synergies and foster peace: When groups which have a history of enmity come to together to find solutions to local problems. Or when neighbouring countries develop shared infrastructure to generate sustainable energy. As a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, I want to ensure that EU foreign policy takes greater account of the risks and explores the potential of climate protection policy to foster peace. We are still at the beginning, but this is a policy area which merits more in-depth exploration.

As a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, I want to ensure that the EU's foreign policy takes greater account of the risks and makes better use of the potential of climate protection policy. We are still at the beginning here, but it is worth going deeper into this policy area.  

“There can be no climate of peace without climate protection.“

Tagesspiegel Oder

Getrennte Vorstellung eines deutschen und polnischen Berichts zum Fischsterben in der Oder – Meine Stellungnahme

Nach dem gemeinsamen deutsch-polnischen Expert*innenrat zum Fischsterben in der Oder, gibt es nun zwei getrennte Berichte. Warum das ernüchternd ist:
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Foto: © Europäische Union 2022 - Quelle: EP | Fotografin: Genevieve Engel

Fischsterben in der Oder, Spionagesoftware und Visa für Menschenrechtsverteidiger*innen

Ein Rückblick auf meinen Sommer und ein kurzer Ausblick auf die kommenden Herbstwochen - das alles in meinem Monthly:
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HRD Studie

Study on the EU Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders has been published

How well are the EU, its member states and partners protecting and supporting Human Rights Defenders worldwide? The European Parliamentary Research Service has now published a study on this topic.
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Hannah Neumann - Odertour - Fischesammeln

Odertour: The fish keep dying

On my trip on (and along) the Oder River, I experienced the environmental catastrophe first-hand. An interview about how people and nature are dealing with it – and about what must happen now:
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Climate Change, strengthening of women's role in society and human rights: The DARP mission to the United Arab Emirates

My work as Chair of the European Parliament's Delegation to the Arabian Peninsula is sometimes a tightrope walk. You can read why in my report on our recent mission to the United Arab Emirates:
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The container terminal in Swinemünde and Schwesig's policy on Nord Stream 2 - My interview with "Katapult" magazine

Attempts at intimidation of Polish opponents of the port project, the EU's options to create transparency and the shortfalls of the politics of Manuela Schwesig, the Minister-President of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: These were some of the topics of my interview with "Katapult" magazine.
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Hannah Neumann bei der Anhörung zum Thema

The Strategic Partnership with the Gulf States: Exchange in the European Parliament

Cooperation in the energy sector, the EU's role in regional security and the impact of the Ukraine war on EU-Gulf relations: These were some of the issues I raised at yesterday's hearing.
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Putins Angriffskrieg, die Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz und die „Afghan Women Days“

Kriege zerstören innerhalb von Tagen und Wochen, was über Jahrzehnte aufgebaut wurde. In meinem "Monthly" geht es diesmal unter anderen um Putins Angriffskrieg und die "Afghan Women Days".
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The Munich Security Conference 2022 - "Unlearning Helplessness"

At this year's Munich Security Conference, I was once again one of the participants in the discussions on the current situation in foreign, security and defense policy.
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Climate Change and discrimination of women: My speech

Women are not only more concerned about climate change, they are also the most affected by its consequences. We need to change that! Learn more about this in my plenary speech:
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Hannah bei ihrer Plenarrede zum Thema: sexuelle Belästigung

Mein Telegram-Channel, ein „Wo-Mensplainer“ zum Thema sexuelle Belästigung – und unsere neue Studie zu Klima & Außenpolitik

Mehr Informationen zu meiner neuen Präsenz auf Telegram, meiner Plenarrede zu 4 Jahren #MeToo und unserer brandneuen Grüne/EFA-Studie findet ihr in diesem "Monthly"!
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Twitter - Paris-alignement

Now online: Greens/EFA study on EU Foreign Policy for a climate just world

If we want to have a liveable world in 20, 30 or 40 years, we need to protect the climate now: As the EU, we can help get other countries on board. How can we do that with our foreign policy?
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