Vans inciting hate speech against LGBTI persons in Poland- written question

Written question by Hannah Neumann, Marc Angel, Terry Reintke, and many more:

A worrying number of vans (from organisations such as Fundacja Pro – Prawo do życia) regularly incite hateful language against LGBTI persons in Poland by driving around cities promoting the narrative of an ‘LGBTI ideology’ and associating LGBTI persons with paedophiles. They use loudspeakers to broadcast slogans such as ‘LGBTI people rape children’ and have, on occasion, reportedly been escorted by police vehicles. Occasionally, citizens have intervened to stop these vans themselves, as the police take no action to prevent this hate speech.

This anti-LGBTI rhetoric echoes language used by government officials to incite hatred against LGBTI persons.

1. Is the Commission aware of these events, and what actions has it taken to address them with the Polish authorities so as to ensure that hate speech, including by private organisations, is prevented and/or sanctioned?

2. Does the Commission consider that this intentional lack of action by the authorities regarding the diffusion of homophobic or transphobic hate speech violates Council Framework Decision 2008/913/JHA?

3. What concrete actions is the Commission taking to sanction incitement to hatred against LGBTI persons and to ensure that fundamental rights are respected in Poland, in accordance with Article 2 of the TEU?

Answer of the European Commission:


Subject: Vans inciting hate speech against LGBTI persons in Poland

Question for written answer E-005625/2020 to the Commission

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