Hannah Neumann, im rosa Jackett, bei ihrer Rede im Europäischen Parlament. Auf dem Untertitel steht "Last week, the Iranian regime celebrated its first direct strike on Israel"



Iran: More diplomacy alone will not be enough

When it comes to Iran, we urgently need to work on a Plan B: a regional security architecture that deals with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and prepares for new attacks by the Iranian regime.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell must finally wake up:

  • The Revolutionary Guards must be classified as a terror organisation.
  • We must not pretend that this regime legitimately represents the people of Iran.

These demands are included in our joint resolutions and they must finally be implemented! More in my speech:

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Our resolution on the attacks by the Iranian regime and the need for de-escalation was adopted by a large majority. More on its contents in the thread below.

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