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Hannahs Monthly: 365 days of Europe, 4 times Corona - and ... 1 Parliament waking up

The European elections took place a year ago. After that it was clear: I was going to move into the European Parliament. What have I achieved since then? You can read about it here!
Corona remained at the top of my agenda this month as well. Among other things, I shot a video about how the European Parliament building is slowly coming back to life after the lockdown - and I talked to three experts about how the pandemic has changed the life of women worldwide.
What else happened? I presented the report on arms exports, for which I am rapporteur, to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Arms production is now a European. And therefore should be decided on exports also at European level. We also need more transparency in the figures on arms exports. I will of course keep you informed about the progress of the report.

Wie in meinem letzten Newsletter angekündigt: Alles neu macht der Mai! In diesem Fall meine Webseite. Wie gefällt sie euch – und wie das neue Newsletter-Format? Ich freue mich auf eure Rückmeldungen.

Enjoy reading!


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