Women & Peace

Experience shows that peace agreements stand the test of time when women are involved in key positions. In this area, the EU lags behind: women make up only a small proportion of the staff of EU missions abroad and EU delegations.

Our foreign policy also takes too little account of the important role played by women. I want to change that: in the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) and the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE), I am a strong advocate for the appointment of more women to leading positions and a European foreign policy which attaches the same importance to every individual.

“Women should sit at the negotiating tables - and everywhere else.”

Europabrunch Hannah Neumann

Europabrunch mit Nahid Shahalimi

Vor Kurzem fand mein Neujahrsbrunch zum Thema "Europa in einer Welt im Umbruch" statt. Eingeladen war die kanadisch-afghanische Menschenrechtsaktivistin und Autorin Nahid Shahalimi.
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Plenum Hannah Neumann

#Qatargate, #Spywarefiles und schockierende Nachrichten aus dem Iran

In meinem letzten Monthly für 2022 gebe ich einen Rückblick auf turbulente Wochen:
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Instagram Greens/EFA Hannah Neumann

I was put on the sanctions list of the Iranian regime – My statement

The Iranian regime added me to its sanctions list. My thoughts:
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Iran-Debatte Hannah Neumann

Die Proteste im Iran, der neue #SHEcurity-Index und mein Besuch in Rostock

Diese und viele andere Themen haben mich in den vergangenen Wochen beschäftigt - lest mehr in meinem Monthly!
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Teilnehmerinnen am Online-Launch des #SHEcurity-Index 20222

#SHEcurity No. 3: The new index is online!

This time, we put a focus on four world regions: Asia, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) and Sub-Saharan Africa. You can read the latest #SHEcurity Index now!
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Jina Mahsa Amini

The assassination of Jina Masha Amini and the protests in Iran - No one silences women anymore

The Kurdish woman Jina Mahsa Amini was arrested and killed because of an "improper" hijab. Since then, people in Iran and around the world have been demonstrating for the freedom and basic rights of Iranians.
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HRD Studie

Study on the EU Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders has been published

How well are the EU, its member states and partners protecting and supporting Human Rights Defenders worldwide? The European Parliamentary Research Service has now published a study on this topic.
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Interview Hannah Neumann Feministische Außenpolitik Frankfurter_Rundschau

Feministische Außenpolitik: Für die Stärke des Rechts

Feministische Außenpolitik will Ungleichheiten analysieren, benennen und ausgleichen. Nur mehr Frauen einzubinden, wird nicht alle Probleme lösen. In der Frankfurter Rundschau habe ich u.a. darüber gesprochen:
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Climate Change, strengthening of women's role in society and human rights: The DARP mission to the United Arab Emirates

My work as Chair of the European Parliament's Delegation to the Arabian Peninsula is sometimes a tightrope walk. You can read why in my report on our recent mission to the United Arab Emirates:
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My trip to Afghanistan

A crackdown on women’s rights, violence, a climate of fear and a humanitarian crisis: Afghanistan is in a sorry state after the Taliban took over. I met with activists, journalists, women’s rights defenders – and also with Taliban representatives.
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The oppression of women and girls in Afghanistan: My plenary speech

In August, the Taliban promised to respect women's rights and press freedom. But these announcements have proven to be empty words. At the same time, the EU has done too little to push for necessary evacuations. My plenary speech:
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#NoWar - House concert with Igor Levit because of the war in Ukraine

Europäische Waffenexporte, ein #NoWar-Hauskonzert mit Igor Levit und meine Reise in den Irak

Diesen Monat lag der Fokus meiner Arbeit auf dem Krieg in der Ukraine. Unter Anderem ging es um europäische Waffenexporte und wie wir mit einer feministische Außenpolitik Kriegen entgegenwirken können. Erfahrt hier mehr:
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