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Feminist foreign policy on FM 90.2

My interview at the Rostock local radio station LOHRO

Women rock foreign policy

On our local radio station LOHRO I spoke with Tim Fischer about my work in the European Parliament and my ideas for a feminist foreign policy. The main question that came up was about what a more feminist foreign policy actually mean in practice:

"The main actors in many crises and wars are those men with the `biggest´ guns. When it comes to resolving these crises and conflicts, the same men dominate the negotiating tables. I believe we must change this warmongering, martial and patriarchal structure. And the best way to do that is by bringing the rest of society to the table as well."

Hannah Neumann

The critical situation on the EU's external border with Turkey and assistance to refugees

Currently, the dominant issue in the media concerns the situation on the Greek-Turkish border. The images we see from Lesbos and from the refugee camp Moria are shocking. Fugitives become a shifting mass between two countries. In times when people are talking about "streams of refugees" again, it is extremely important for me: refugees are people - and a person is not a wave! That's why I also talked about how we came to have this catastrophic situation and what municipalities and states can do now.

"There are many German municipalities that want to accept refugees. Even our Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, has signalled that Germany could accept refugees. And there are seven or eight other countries in the EU that can imagine this as well. I think we should just act on these promises now!"

Hannah Neumann

Unten könnt ihr euch das gesamte Interview anhören. Wenn ihr meine Forderungen unterstützt, dann lege ich euch die Petition meines Kollegen Erik Marquardt zum Schutz von Geflüchteten sehr ans Herz.

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