European Parliament

Europe is the proof that peace can be learnt. That after years of the most brutal wars, another way of living is possible. The European Parliament is a truly European place where we can achieve consensus across national and party divisions. Our work in Parliament and our history in Europe give many people hope, wherever they may be in the world. 

In my view, we must live up to the hopes placed in us every day. I use my work in Parliament as a platform, as a way of urging Europe to support and protect people around the world who are campaigning for peace and human rights.

I chose my committees and delegations accordingly. I am chair of the Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula and vice-chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI). I am also a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) and the Subcommittee on Security and Defence Policy (SEDE).

“Europe is the proof that we can learn to live together Peace

Here you will find the many contributions, speeches, resolutions and reports I am working on in Parliament:


2 Jahre im Europäischen Parlament, Beziehungen zu Saudi-Arabien und der EU-Menschenrechts-Sanktionsmechanismus

2 Jahre bin ich nun schon im Europaparlament! Meinen persönlichen Rückblick dazu sowie meine Einschätzung zum aktuellen Stand der Beziehungen zu Saudi-Arabien und zum EU-Menschenrechts-Sanktionsmechanismus lest ihr in meinem Juli-"Monthly"!
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Speech on diplomatic engagement with Saudi Arabia

Collaboration with Saudi Arabia: a tightrope walk

Saudi Arabia has made progress on women's rights and announced significant legal reforms. However, serious human rights violations continue to take place in the country. On which terms should we engage with Saudi Arabia?
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EU Human Rights Sanctions Mechanism

The EU's Human Rights Sanctions Mechanism: Parliament must have more say!

The global EU human rights sanctions regime has been in place since last year - this is a great success. But now the mechanism needs to be developed further. In my plenary speech, I explain how exactly this should be done.
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2 years in the European Parliament - looking back

Es ist jetzt 2 Jahre her, dass ich ins Europäische Parlament eingezogen bin - eine turbulente Zeit, in der ich viele Erfolge feiern durfte. Was in den letzten 12 Monaten passiert ist:
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Hannah Neumann Programmdebatte International zusammenarbeiten - BDK 2021

Bereit, weil ihr es seid! Die Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz 2021 – als Mitglied der Antragskommission war ich dabei

"Wir treten an für Veränderung. Veränderung hat uns immer wieder stark gemacht", so Annalena Baerbock bei ihrer Rede auf der Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz letztes Wochenende. Im Zeichen der Veränderung steht demzufolge auch unser Wahlprogramm, das am Sonntag beschlossen wurde.
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Report on climate and human rights and the case of Steven Donziger

A safe and healthy environment is a human right! In Parliament, this week we passed a report on climate and human rights. In my plenary speech, I also spoke about the case of Steven Donziger.
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Hannah Neumann WDR-Europaforum

Rüstungsexporte, Naher und Mittlerer Osten, China und Russland: Mein Beitrag im WDR-Europaforum

Ich wollte schon immer "Vorband" von Annalena Baerbock sein: Beim WDR-Europaforum diese Woche war das dann der Fall! Bei einer Paneldiskussion vor dem Kanzerkandidat*innenduell ging es um "Die EU in der veränderten internationalen Kräftekonstellation".
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These are not Counter sanctions

China resolution: Adopted today!

Ein großer Erfolg - das Parlament hat heute für das Einfrieren des Investitionsabkommens mit China gestimmt! Damit ist klar: Dem Parlament sind die Menschenrechte wichtiger als mögliche wirtschaftliche Vorteile!
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Arms export control Plenary speech

Why we need an EU-level arms export control: My plenary speech

EU​ member states spend more on defence​ than on the EU budget. Still, 8 billion of EU budget go as subsidies to the arms industry. We have to make sure that the arms developed with this money won’t end up with dictators: My speech in this week’s plenary:
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These are not Counter sanctions

These are not counter sanctions: My plenary speech on China

China's "sanctions" are not counter sanctions, on the contrary: They are a shotgun targeting our freedom of expression. We must defend ourselves against this - I made that clear in my plenary speech:
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ha 2

#SofaGate - When chairs remain reserved for men

It could have turned out so much better if von der Leyen had been offered a chair at the high-level delegation meeting in Turkey. Instead, she was forced to take a seat on the sofa. My comments regarding the diplomatic scandal:
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Bahrain: The executions must be stopped immediately!

Bahrain ended its de facto moratorium in 2017, and so far six people have been executed. Dozens are currently on a death row. My demands to the rulers in Bahrain:
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