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“EU must mediate in US-Iran conflict” – Interview in Handelsblatt

“If the EU wants to play a mediating role based on international law and defend the rules that make peaceful coexistence possible, it will only work if it criticises all actors who violate them,” I told the Handelsblatt on Wednesday. “But it is holding back on the USA. Yet the killing of Soleimani in Iraq was most likely contrary to international law.”

“I think it is important that the EU at least stands up for the fact that this conflict between the USA and Iran should not be carried out in Iraq, which is very fragile anyway. Moreover, the EU now has the chance to use political pressure, administrative assistance and consultations to ensure that the urgently needed reform of the security sector in Iraq can take place. To achieve this, however, the EU must commit itself much more strongly than it is currently doing,” I continued.

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