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Hannahs Monthly: A feminist foreign policy for the EU – and now!

When women have a place at the negotiating table, peace talks fail less often and peace agreements last longer. However, women not only play a decisive role in this area – but also in conflict prevention, peacekeeping and reconstruction.

What the EU therefore needs is a feminist foreign policy. June was very much under their sign for me: the Committee on Foreign Affairs adopted my draft opinion on the report “Gender equality in the EU’s foreign and security policy” – and the study on this was also published.

What else happened? Among other things I have guest contributions for the World and the Frankfurter Rundschau on Libya and Syria – and with the Philippine editor-in-chief of the online portal “Rappler”, Maria Ressa, on the press freedom in her country spoken.

The issue of press freedom will continue to occupy me in July. On Thursday, July 2, I will be talking to the Turkish journalist Nurcan Baysal about “Free Speech under Threat” – at 6pm on Instagram. If you feel like it, feel free to join in!

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