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Egypt: EU must act against human rights violations by the al-Sisi regime

For the past 10 years, the al-Sisi regime has been brutally repressing Egypt’s citizens. Many journalists, political activists and human rights defenders remain locked behind bars:

One of them is Alaa Abdel Fattah, the prominent face of the Arab Spring – he has served about ten years in prison combined. Another one is publisher and opposition activist Hisham Kassem who was imprisoned for alleged “defamation”. Yet another recent victim of repression is Alaaeldin Eladly: He has been living in Germany with his family for over 30 years and was arbitrarily arrested upon entering Egypt in mid-August. Apparently, Eladly was targeted due to his daughter’s public criticism of the al-Sisi regime.

Despite massive human rights violations by the regime, no sanctions have been imposed on Egyptian officials, EU countries continue lucrative arms deals and the European Commission is preparing a dirty deal to “prevent migration”.

My demand: This hypocrisy by the EU must end.

You can find out more in my plenary speech:

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