These women are the giants on whose shoulders we stand on today – My opinion piece for the Böll Foundation’s dossier „No Women – No Peace“

This month, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of UN Resolution 1325 on “Women, Peace and Security”! On this occasion, I have written an opinion piece for the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s dossier “No Women – No Peace“.

The dossier presents 20 women who have influenced the world through their politics, activism or research in the field of foreign and security policy. They are living proof: Political decisions are better the more diverse the people are who make them.

In my opinion peace, I plead for a feminist foreign policy. That is what my and Ernest Urtasun’s parliamentary report on “Gender equality in the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy” is all about. You can read the entire opinion piece here:

The EU’s foreign policy must become feminist. And states everywhere in the world should follow the examples of Sweden, Canada, France, Mexico and Luxembourg. These states have shown the way – the women presented in this dossier are evidence enough that following this course means following a course of success.

My commentary for the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation

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