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Plenarrede Iran

The news from Iran are shocking – My plenary speech

The news coming out of Iran is shocking: the regime is using violence against civilians. Protesters are raped. Even children are shot.

That is why we have to follow the events closely and raise awareness here. I want to know what is happening on the ground – and those responsible must not get away with their crimes.

On Thursday, the UN Human Rights Council passed by a large majority a resolution calling for an independent investigation of the violence in Iran: Germany and Iceland had introduced this resolution. This result is an important signal.

I attended the meeting in Geneva – you can read more on Twitter and Instagram.

The Foreign Affairs Council will hold a meeting on the situation in Iran on December 12th. For me, one thing is for certain: The 227 members of the Iranian Parliament who have called for harsh punishments for the protesters and the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard must finally be put on the sanctions list.

You can watch my plenary speech in this video:

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