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The EU parliament in times of corona – my article on EUobserver

Just two weeks ago, the EU Parliament was running at full speed with thousands of people on board, hundreds of events and committee meetings. Now the floors and offices have been cleared, events cancelled and all work is done from home. It feels as if someone has pulled the plug.

How is parliamentary work organised in times of Corona? This is what I talked about with the euobserver.

„All parliamentary activities for next week have been cancelled. Following this, some committee meetings will happen remotely. There has been no solution for a remote vote in plenary, as of now. But our work needs to continue. Support packages and relief funding need to be voted in parliament. We are fighting hard to make sure that democratic decision-making continues. Most likely, I will travel to Brussels again, in early April. Things are developing by the day. I’d better get used to it.“

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