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Corruption and foreign interference – My speech on #Qatargate

Representing European citizens and protecting European democracy – these are the foundations of our mandate in the European Parliament. Until last Friday, I was pretty sure that the dissent we often have in Parliament comes from different political opinions – not from suitcases full of money. Now, at least one of us is confronted with the allegation to have become a Trojan horse of corruption and foreign interference.

I have lost trust and I understand all citizens that feel similar. Therefore, as Greens/EFA we demand concrete measures:

  • An inquiry committee on the influence of third countries and beyond
  • An anti-corruption position in the Bureau of the European Parliament
  • An independent ethics body to monitor all EU institutions and bodies
  • No donations from third countries to political parties
  • A transition period for Members of the European Parliament before they accept a new position after the end of their term

We must make it very clear: European democracy is not for sale!

You can find more on this topic at Euronews, Politico, Spiegel, BBC, Handelsblatt, Süddeutsche Zeitung and ZEIT and New York Times.

My plenary speech below:

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