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China resolution: Adopted today!

At present, numerous members of the European Parliament, as well as a many European ambassadors and members of think tanks are subject to chinese sanctions – including the Parliament’s entire Human Rights Committee, and therefore, myself. Why is that? The EU had sanctioned four individuals from China for serious human rights crimes against the Uyghurs, such as forced labour in “re-education” camps. China reacted with “counter-sanctions”, a direct attack on freedom of expression. These sanctions prevent us from doing our work: For example, some Chinese experts we invited to the Human Rights Committee have already withdrawn their commitments – I spoke about this to the South China Morning Post. They fear that they too could be sanctioned if they cooperate with a sanctioned body.

For me, one thing is clear: the European Parliament should refuse to even discuss – let alone ratify – the investment agreement with China. Negotiations on the agreement must be suspended immediately, and the European Commission should go forward on its own! Today, the Parliament has backed these demands in a resolution. Accordingly, the investment agreement is now formally frozen! Additionally, – the Commission should use the debate on the CAI as a lever to improve the protection of human rights in China and support for Chinese civil society – the EU should better coordinate with the US on how to deal with China. The resolution says it clearly: China must lift sanctions – otherwise the Parliament will not deal with the agreement.

My video on the topic on Instagram

The resolution says it clearly: China must lift the sanctions – otherwise the Parliament will not deal with the agreement.

The resolution was passed with an overwhelming majority. This clearly shows: Human rights and democracy are more important to this parliament than potential economic benefits!


Article in the South China Morning Post

My speech in Parliament on the Chinese sanctions:

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