The Iranian regime fears freedom: Tens of thousands of political prisoners are in jail because they dared to speak up. Everyone who still talks to the Iranian regime must demand their release! My plenary speech:
SLAPP cases are increasingly being used to silence critical voices. In my plenary speech, I made clear why they are so insidious and what they mean for those affected and the legal systems:
This year alone, more than 300 people have been executed in Iran. The international community must not remain silent in the face of such atrocities, otherwise there could soon be 3000.
The work of the PEGA Committee uncovered the rampant misuse of spyware worldwide. Now, the Commission and the Council must act upon our recommendations! My plenary speech:
We as Greens/EFA fully support the fastest possible delivery of ammunition to Ukraine. But why turn ASAP into a money machine for the defence sector? My speech:
Without the support of our local partners, no EU action, no matter how rapidly deployed, will have a positive political impact on the ground. A Rapid Deployment Capacity cannot be our only answer – we need to better protect our partners and evacuate them when needed! My speech:
After taking power only one and a half years ago, the Taliban have banned women from public life. Now, the future of the country is under attack: the education of its youngest. The EU cannot look away. My plenary speech:
Iraq is a country that has gone through years of war, conflict and terror. Yet the spirit of the Youth protest movement lives on! As the EU, we should support this young courageous generation as much as we can. My plenary speech:
For the past 6 months, there has been a conspiracy of silence of Commission and member states. In order to be able to protect democracy, however, all stakeholders need to be willing to cooperate - more in my speech:
While the regime puts girls behind bars who dared to dance on the streets, those responsible for the poisoning of schoolgirls are still free. My plenary speech:
Human rights defenders are our closest allies. My report shows: The EU can protect and support them even better! How exactly? More info:
We should not make the mistake of criminalising all NGOs in the wake of #Qatargate. I made that clear in plenary.
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