Hannah Neumann, im rosa Jackett, bei ihrer Rede im Europäischen Parlament. Auf dem Untertitel steht "Last week, the Iranian regime celebrated its first direct strike on Israel"
We urgently need to work on a Plan B: a regional security architecture that deals with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and prepares for new attacks by the Iranian regime.
Dreadful news from Iran, an important decision by the UN Human Rights Council and what still needs to happen – my plenary speech:
The human rights situation in the Philippines has hardly changed since our last resolution in the European Parliament 17 months ago. The EU must act now! I laid out some options in my plenary speech.
In Europe, we have freedom of expression - and that comes with a responsibility, namely to defend human rights. Looking at the situation in Hong Kong and China, it quickly becomes clear that we as the EU must boycott the Games politically.
The global EU human rights sanctions regime has been in place since last year - this is a great success. But now the mechanism needs to be developed further. In my plenary speech, I explain how exactly this should be done.
Ein großer Erfolg - das Parlament hat heute für das Einfrieren des Investitionsabkommens mit China gestimmt! Damit ist klar: Dem Parlament sind die Menschenrechte wichtiger als mögliche wirtschaftliche Vorteile!
The war in Syria has been going on for 10 years now. It is not enough to throw just money at the problem from the European side. But there are a number of things we can do right now.
Today we voted on a resolution on EU action to combat the COVID19 pandemic. We are not in Strasbourg - so I did not have the opportunity to speak in plenary. That is why I gave an "online" plenary speech!
The European Parliament calls for an end to repression of human rights activists, a ban on the export of surveillance equipment and a review of EU programs for Egypt. The resolution I negotiated was passed by a majority vote today.
If human rights are disregarded elsewhere, we cannot remain silent here! On International Women's Day, March 8, Iranian women took off their headscarves in the subway in Tehran and distributed flowers. This was a peaceful and courageous protest against the compulsory wearing of headscarves. The Iranian regime reacted with hard prison sentences. As human
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