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My plenary speech on the war in Yemen

The Yemen war is currently the world's worst humanitarian crisis. But the EU can do something to stop it: no more arms exports and maintenance support to warring parties! This is now also the official position of the European Parliament.

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Meine Plenarrede zum Abraham-Abkommen

Diese Woche haben wir im Plenum das “Abraham-Abkommen” diskutiert. Die Unterzeichner preisen das Abkommen als Friedensbringer an.
Die Wirklichkeit wird noch zeigen, wie Ernst sie es meinen. Hier könnte ihr meine Plenarrede sehen

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Speech on the US-Iran conflict: For peace we must listen to the demonstrators

The nuclear agreement is still alive and the EU must do everything possible to get Iran and the USA back on board. In this difficult situation, however, those who are fighting for democracy in Iran and Iraq must not be forgotten. The EU must strongly condemn the violence and repression against the demonstrators. I called for this yesterday in Parliament. Because there will be no peace in the region if the people on the streets continue to be silenced.

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Conflict in Iraq: protecting activists!

Earlier this month, over 100 people were killed and more than 4,000 injured in Iraq. They took to the streets against corruption and were fired upon by state security forces. These security forces are being advised by an EU mission! The mission has been on the ground for two years and is supposed to help reform the Iraqi security sector. How could this disaster occur despite this and how do we as the EU react to it? I asked this last week in Parliament:

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Urgency Resolution: Support women's rights activists in Iran!

If human rights are disregarded elsewhere, we cannot remain silent here! On International Women's Day, March 8, Iranian women took off their headscarves in the subway in Tehran and distributed flowers. This was a peaceful and courageous protest against the compulsory wearing of headscarves. The Iranian regime reacted with hard prison sentences. As human

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Peace is feminine: women in security policy

Peace is feminine? Duden says: No! Research says: Yes! Scientific studies have been showing for years that peace processes are significantly more successful the more women are involved in decisive positions. Nevertheless, we as the EU send almost only men on our joint security and defence missions (CSDP missions)

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