Human Rights

All over the world there are people who do what we take for granted: Denounce corruption, protect their local forest, express their opinions freely, love who they want to love. And yet they are threatened, persecuted and murdered for doing so. Their fight for freedom is our fight for freedom.

Experience shows: When it comes to protecting human rights defenders, the EU can make a difference, especially if it stands united. As Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Committee (DROI), I bring the voices of human rights defenders, who are under increasing pressure worldwide, to Parliament and call for their support. We must not remain silent when people's rights are being trampled on elsewhere.

While the regime puts girls behind bars who dared to dance on the streets, those responsible for the poisoning of schoolgirls are still free. My plenary speech:
Human rights defenders are our closest allies. My report shows: The EU can protect and support them even better! How exactly? More info:
Negotiations in the PEGA Committee have started – but what exactly does “PEGA” mean? High time to take a closer look at the work of the Committee! In this interview I answer the most important questions:
A delegation from the European Parliament's Human Rights Committee travelled to the country to find out whether the situation has improved since the new government took office. Here are my impressions:
As long as the brutal crackdown of protests continues, we should not negotiate with regime representatives. I made this clear in my plenary speech.
Vor Kurzem fand mein Neujahrsbrunch zum Thema "Europa in einer Welt im Umbruch" statt. Eingeladen war die kanadisch-afghanische Menschenrechtsaktivistin und Autorin Nahid Shahalimi.
People in the gulf region risk their lives for their right to freedom of expression. I addressed some cases in plenary:
At least one member of the European Parliament has allegedly been implicated in a corruption affair involving Qatar. The actions the member is accused of violate EU rules and destroy EU citizens’ trust in the institution. My statement as Head of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula:
The Iranian regime added me to its sanctions list. My thoughts:
Heute wurde unsere Online-Datenbank #SpywareFiles gelauncht!
For eight months now, we have been dealing with the issue of spyware in the Pegasus Committee of Inquiry. The use of spyware in the EU has gotten out of control. What needs to happen now:
When I think of soccer, the first thing that comes to mind are the "Scoring Girls" who play soccer in a refugee camp in Iraq. For me, they embody the true power of soccer – unlike the World Cup in Qatar: