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Waffenexporte: Das Thema in der Presse

Das Thema Wartungsarbeiten wird bei Waffenembargos gerne übersehen. Dank vieler Schlupflöcher schüren europäische Firmen dadurch indirekt Konflikte, zum Beispiel in Libyen. Meine Forderungen in den Medien:

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My plenary speech on the war in Yemen

The Yemen war is currently the world's worst humanitarian crisis. But the EU can do something to stop it: no more arms exports and maintenance support to warring parties! This is now also the official position of the European Parliament.

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#SHEcurity: Peace needs women. More and fast.

My #SHEcurity campaign started last week. On Instagram and Twitter, we raise awareness about the many women who inspire us in foreign and security policy. The #SHEcurity Index asks the question: How far have we come and how long will it take to reach parity?

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