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Women & Peace

My trip to Afghanistan

A crackdown on women’s rights, violence, a climate of fear and a humanitarian crisis: Afghanistan is in a sorry state after the Taliban took over. I met with activists, journalists, women’s rights defenders – and also with Taliban representatives.

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Feminist Foreign Policy in Times of War

Putin can safely be described as peak toxic masculinity, and yet he is far from alone with his macho behaviour and his oppression of women and minorities in his own country. But how can a feminist foreign policy counter all of this?

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Toxic masculinity & the Gender Action Plan III

Putin ist der Gipfel toxischer Männlichkeit – eine Folge ist sein Angriffskrieg in der Ukraine. Wir müssen uns, auch in unseren eigenen Institutionen, von patriarchalen Strukturen befreien. Meine Rede zum Gender Action Plan III der Europäischen Kommission:

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MEP Hannah Neumann with a number of Afghan women and MEPs Heidi Hautala and Maria Arena

"Afghan Women Days" - a special experience

Ein Treffen mit Finalistinnen des Sacharow-Preises, mein Workshop zum Thema „Solidarität mit afghanischen weiblichen Abgeordneten“ und viele berührende Momente: das waren für mich die „Afghan Women Days“ im Europäischen Parlament.

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Hannah Neumann talking to Afghan Women MEPs in Greece

My trip to Greece

Afghan women and MPs want to establish a parliament in exile in Greece: reason enough for me to pay them a visit. The topic of arms exports and the new traffic light coalition in Germany also played a major role in my trip.

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