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Women & Peace

Afghanistan: Wir brauchen zehntausende Plätze in Umsiedlungsprogrammen! Meine Plenarrede

Afghanische Frauen marschieren durch die Straßen von Kabul, unsere lokalen Partner sitzen in Flüchtlingslagern in Pakistan fest – und die EU-Innenminister*innen haben Angst vor schlechten Meinungsumfragen, wenn sie Umsiedlungsprogrammen zustimmen. So verrät die EU das Fundament, auf dem ihre Außenpolitik bisher stand: das Vertrauen der Partner vor Ort und das Bekenntnis zu den Menschenrechten. Mehr zu meiner Plenarrede findet ihr in diesem Artikel.

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#SHEcurity: Peace needs women. More and fast.

My #SHEcurity campaign started last week. On Instagram and Twitter, we raise awareness about the many women who inspire us in foreign and security policy. The #SHEcurity Index asks the question: How far have we come and how long will it take to reach parity?

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Study „A Feminist Foreign Policy for the EU“ – Read it now!

But where does the EU stand when it comes to gender equality in its Foreign and Security Policy? Where and how can it improve? Together with my colleague Ernest Urtasun, I commissioned a study with the Centre for Feminist Foreign policy on exactly this topic. The result: there is a lot of room for improvement, and:

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Feminist foreign policy on FM 90.2

On our local radio station LOHRO I spoke with Tim Fischer about my work in the European Parliament and my ideas for a feminist foreign policy. The main question that came up was about what a more feminist foreign policy actually mean in practice.

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Women to the negotiating tables

Launch of the report for a feminist EU foreign policy

The perspectives and needs of women and other political minorities are often excluded from foreign and security policy processes and international negotiating tables. This also applies to the EU's foreign policy. The institutional representation of women and other political minorities, especially in leadership and key positions, remains disproportionately low.

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