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Despite Corona: The future of Europe will not wait!

On Europe Day the conference on the future of Europe would have begun. Because of Corona, this is no longer possible. Together with MEPs and other personalities from Berlin and Brandenburg I have therefore written an open letter to the German Federal Government.

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Young People in face masks

Covid-19: What global aspects EU foreign policy must not forget!

The main streets of major European cities are empty, the borders are partially closed and most people are sitting at home to slow down the spread of Covid-19 through "social distancing". But while Europe is looking inwards, the corona virus poses new challenges internationally. EU foreign policy must help to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in particularly poor countries and to protect human rights worldwide even in these times. This involves many different aspects - from health, political freedoms or the rights of refugees, to trade relations, sanctions or the issue of gender & security. In my Twitter thread I have highlighted the different dimensions:

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EU Flagge im Europaparlament

The EU parliament in times of corona - my article on EUobserver

Just two weeks ago, the EU Parliament was running at full speed with thousands of people on board, hundreds of events and committee meetings. Now the floors and offices have been cleared, events cancelled and all work is done from home. It feels as if someone has pulled the plug.

Wie gestaltet sich Parlamentsarbeit in Zeiten von Corona? Darüber habe ich mit dem euobserver gesprochen.

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New Commission: I abstained.

Gemeinsam mit meiner Fraktion habe ich mich bei der Wahl der EU-Kommission enthalten. Hier ist unsere Pressemitteilung, die gut erklärt, warum: Pressemitteilung: Weder Rote Karte, noch Blankoscheck! Die Grünen/EFA-Fraktion hat sich bei der heutigen Abstimmung über die neue Europäische Kommission enthalten. Die Grünen/EFA haben große Sorge angesichts der Auswahl der

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Save the European Peace Project

We in Europe have learned a lot from the EU: intercultural understanding, respect and freedom. It is precisely these values that make our peace and that we should carry into the world. Far too often, however, we export arms or military equipment.

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„The strongest bridges are built from the stones of fallen walls“

When I was in eighth grade, my German teacher asked me to choose a poem that meant a lot to me. After giving it much thought, I picked out this one sentence by Andreas Tenzer. It was 1999, exactly 10 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, 20 years later, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall.

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Europe on the ground – that is the task of all of us

A Soul for Europe hat eine Debatte gestartet, wie Europa besser vor Ort stattfinden und vermittelt werden kann. Einige der Debattant*innen sprachen sich für die Idee eines/einer Bürgerkommisar*in aus. Ich halte dagegen: Diese wichtige Aufgabe sollte nicht an eine Person oder Institution delegiert werden, sondern sie geht uns alle an.

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