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Arabian Peninsula

My plenary speech on the war in Yemen

The Yemen war is currently the world's worst humanitarian crisis. But the EU can do something to stop it: no more arms exports and maintenance support to warring parties! This is now also the official position of the European Parliament.

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My trip to Saudi-Arabia and Oman

On women claiming their spots, the fight for human rights, and how we can save the planet together Saudi-Arabia and Oman: These were the two destinations I visited last week as the chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula. Women in both countries are claiming

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Report: Visit to Egypt, Qatar and Iraq

Just as I planned my visit, another round of protests sparked in the Middle East: Anti-government protests resurfaced in Algeria. Critical voices by Egypt’s youth against the government were suffocated in September in a fierce clampdown with thousands detained. In October, young people in Iraq and Lebanon took to the streets calling for political reforms and an end of corruption.

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Exchange on Yemen

The new Head of the EU Delegation in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, addressed the questions of the EU Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET) in a closed session today. I have taken over the questions on behalf of the Green Group. This was an important meeting, as the EU is a key actor in mobilising humanitarian aid in Yemen. At the same time

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