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Egypt: EU Parliament demands an end to repression

The European Parliament calls for an end to repression of human rights activists, a ban on the export of surveillance equipment and a review of EU programs for Egypt. The resolution I negotiated was passed by a majority vote today.

"The European Union must no longer make itself an accomplice to the authoritarian regime in Egypt. The Federal Government must campaign for the European Union no longer to supply weapons and surveillance technology to Egypt, for the release of political prisoners and for an end to the blank check for EU funds to ruler Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his entourage. We should also consider targeted sanctions against those responsible. The European Union must not look the other way when civil society in Egypt is suppressed and the regime imprisons thousands of people protesting against injustice and corruption.

– Hannah Neumann, MEP

The resolution is an important message for the demonstrators in Egypt. I am pleased to deliver it personally. Because today I went to the region: In the next few days I will be in Egypt, Qatar and Iraq to find out about the human rights situation.

Rede für die Demonstrant*innen in Ägypten

Die Proteste in Ägypten gehen uns alle was an. Besonders, solange EU-Blankoschecks an die Regierung gehen. Die EU darf sich nicht länger zur Komplizin dieses autoritären Regimes machen! Das Parlament beschloss dazu heute die von mir verhandelte Resolution. Wir fordern ein Ende der Repressalien gegen Aktivist*innen und einen Exportstopp für Überwachungstechnik.Eine wichtige Botschaft für die Demonstrant*innen. Ich freue mich, sie persönlich zu übermitteln. Denn heute ging es für mich auf in die Region: In den nächsten Tagen werde ich mich in Ägypten, Katar und dem Irak über die Lage der Menschenrechte informieren. Hier meine Rede:EN:The protests in Egypt are of concern for all of us. Especially, as long as EU gives blank checks go to the government. The EU should no longer be an accomplice to this authoritarian regime! Today, Parliament voted on the resolution that I negotiated. We call for an end to the repressions against activists and an export stop for surveillance technology.This is an important message for the protesters. I am pleased to convey this personally, as today I am traveling to the region: In the coming days, I will be in Egypt, Qatar and Iraq to inform myself about the situation of human rights! Here is my speech for the peaceful demonstrators in Egypt:

Gepostet von Hannah Neumann am Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2019

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