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Month: November 2019

#SpanishArms reports: EU arms export control necessary

Patrouillen-Schiffe in Marokko, Schrot-Munition in Nicaragua und Eurofighter im Jemen-Krieg – mit ihrer Recherche zu #SpanishArms zeigen Lighthouse Reports auf, wie spanische Unternehmen EU-Richtlinien umgehen und Regime mit Rüstungsgütern versorgen. Die Berichte zeigen, dass endlich ein Mechanismus gebraucht wird, der die EU-Exportkriterien für Waffen und Rüstung effektiv durchsetzt. Ich war

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New Commission: I abstained.

Gemeinsam mit meiner Fraktion habe ich mich bei der Wahl der EU-Kommission enthalten. Hier ist unsere Pressemitteilung, die gut erklärt, warum: Pressemitteilung: Weder Rote Karte, noch Blankoscheck! Die Grünen/EFA-Fraktion hat sich bei der heutigen Abstimmung über die neue Europäische Kommission enthalten. Die Grünen/EFA haben große Sorge angesichts der Auswahl der

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Report: Visit to Egypt, Qatar and Iraq

Just as I planned my visit, another round of protests sparked in the Middle East: Anti-government protests resurfaced in Algeria. Critical voices by Egypt’s youth against the government were suffocated in September in a fierce clampdown with thousands detained. In October, young people in Iraq and Lebanon took to the streets calling for political reforms and an end of corruption.

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Save the European Peace Project

We in Europe have learned a lot from the EU: intercultural understanding, respect and freedom. It is precisely these values that make our peace and that we should carry into the world. Far too often, however, we export arms or military equipment.

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Arab Spring 2.0

In Egypt there are mass detentions of protesters. European spy software is probably involved. Yet there is no ban on exports. In Iraq, demonstrators are being shot at with live ammunition. Looking ahead to further protests in Lebanon and Algeria, it is evident that we are facing an Arab Spring 2.0. And the next few months will be decisive as to whether the protests will lead to more freedom and democracy this time. So far, EU member states and the international community have been alarmingly quiet about the demonstrations. In Parliament, however, we have fought for clear resolutions - sometimes with success. This also applies to a resolution which strongly denounces the Turkish invasion of Syria and calls for clear sanctions.

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Back from Iraq: Baghdad protesters resist the violence

A day before I arrived in Iraq, the Lebanese Prime Minster had resigned following weeks of protests. While people in Lebanon were celebrating in the streets, Iraqi security forces continued to kill people in the streets of Baghdad and elsewhere. Over the past month more than 250 of the largely peaceful protesters have died. Here is one of the few English articles about the protest.

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